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About Kidde-Fenwal

We have a rich tradition of innovation and performance.

Kidde-Fenwal originated in 1966 when Walter Kidde & Company, a leading fire protection manufacturer headquartered in Clifton, NJ, acquired Fenwal, Inc., an Ashland-based manufacturer of temperature and gas ignition controls. Both Walter Kidde and Fenwal, having begun their business operations during the 1930's, were already considered among the top companies in their respective industries.

In 1989, Williams Holdings Ltd., a major British industrial corporation, acquired Fenwal, Inc. and the other Kidde fire protection companies. Following the acquisition, Kidde's Wake Forest, NC operations were merged with Fenwal's Ashland facility, and in 1991, the new company was renamed Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. In 2005, United Technologies Corporation acquired Kidde plc and created the entity UTC Fire & Security, which is now a part of UTC Climate, Controls and Security.

Examples of our product and service leadership include:

+ First UL864 listed intelligent fire control system
+ First clean agent (halon 1301) fire suppression systems
+ First explosion protection for aircraft and industrial protection
+ First laser-based smoke detection
+ First electronic gas ignition system
+ First fusible-type continuous fire detection for aircraft
+ First piston-flow based fire suppression system

And if you talk with our Engineers, we're just getting started!