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Agricultural Equipment

FENWAL® Gas Ignition, THERMOSWITCH® Temperature Controllers and Temperature Limiting Thermostats at work

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Manufacturers utilize Fenwal gas ignition and temperature products for their Agricultural Equipment because their customers must have reliable operation for their livelihood.

From crop dryers to poultry heaters to CO2 Generators, you’ll find dependable FENWAL gas ignition controls ready to go. For livestock waterers, the dependable Fenwal THERMOSWITCH temperature controller keeps the water above freezing even in the deep cold of the American prairie in winter. Most of these applications are seasonal, sometimes meaning long equipment downtimes between operations. Fenwal meets the challenge including rugged handling, vibration, moisture, heat / cold, dampness and low LP gas tank pressure. Call on FENWAL: Our engineers can assist your team with the know-how to select the best device for your new products, or to upgrade existing installations.