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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Fenwal Gas Ignition, THERMOSWITCH® Controllers and DETECT-A-FIRE® Detectors at work

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Fenwal is your trusted partner for rugged, advanced, long cycle-life products that will operate dependably in the tough Commercial Laundry environment of heat, vibration and moisture. Our engineers work closely with your design team for the optimal device for your new products, often employing our Applications Lab to refine and prove the best solution.

Many new Commercial Laundry products are taking advantage of Fenwal’s know-how and experience in global agency approvals as well as the benefits of DC as a universal power supply for installations worldwide. Commercial Dryer equipment cannot afford downtime. That is why you see Fenwal gas ignition controls used by leading manufacturers. In addition, THERMOSWITCH® temperature controller is used to maintain temperature in Commercial Washers and Dryers, and the DETECT-A-FIRE® fire and heat detectors are used to protect Commercial Lint Filtering systems.