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Fire Protection

Fenwal DETECT-A-FIRE® Detection and Release Devices, THERMOSWITCH and Bi-metal Thermostats

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In the world of fire and overheat detection, manufacturers of fire protection systems depend on the Fenwal THERMOSWITCH® for hoods and Bi-metal Thermostats for vehicles. Most renowned, are the DETECT-A-FIRE® Detection and Release Devices, used for over 65 years.

The D-A-F detector is the first such device with Rate Compensation, meaning it can reliably react to a slow fire or a fast fire – alarming at a precisely pre-determined danger point. Thousands of these detectors are in use controlling the release of extinguishants such as clean agents, CO2 water or dry chemicals. In some systems, the D-A-F detector is used as an ALARM device to sense overheat or fire and alert personnel. You’ll find Fenwal D-A-F detectors at work in a wide range of services from your local Gas Station to Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, from Off-Road Heavy Equipment to Chemical Plants, from Engine Compartments to Commercial, Industrial and Public Facilities, from Range Hoods to Paint Spray Booths, from Engine Compartments to Marine Services. Our engineers can assist you with the know-how to select the best D-A-F detector for your needs, or to upgrade existing installations.