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Hydronics - Boilers, Water Heaters

Fenwal Gas Ignition, THERMOSWITCH® Temperature Controllers and Temperature Limiting Thermostats at work

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Fenwal is well-known in the hydronics market for dependable, high performing gas ignition controls, supplying manufacturers of Boilers, Pool/Spa Heaters and Hot Water Heaters with controls utilizing direct spark, intermittent pilot, and hot surface ignition methods, including proven hot surface for inputs over 400K BTU. Fenwal Hi-Limit Snap-Disc Thermostats are widely used as well in this field, and are well proven.

Our customer focus has allowed Fenwal to respond to the market shift to modulation by designing and introducing the Fenwal PIM® Control, a modular, full-featured flexible “platform” control specifically for hydronics. Offering the full range of ignition types, the Fenwal PIM Control includes temperature regulation, electronic hi-limit and enhanced appliance functionality and supervision. Through its RS485 communications, the PIM Control can be tailored to interact with User Interface/Displays, OEM controls, networks, PC analysis tools, or other devices, and also accepts analog signals from other controllers or Energy Management Systems (EMS). Whether it is a simple control or the full-featured PIM Control, Fenwal engineers work closely with your design team to refine and optimize the performance of your appliance, often employing our Applications Lab and LabView® Development Interface Tool to provide the needed data. Fenwal is a member of AHRI and the Hydronics Section.