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Cement Plants

Fire protection for coal grinding, handling and storage systems

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The Cement/Lime industry has had to search for a way to reduce costs and this has resulted in the near standardization of coal-fired (or coke) systems for firing up the kiln. These systems are indirect-fired, where coal is crushed in mills/pulverizers, then classified by size for collection as a fuel or dust through a heated air conveyance network. This network generally includes a mill, classifier, cyclone, pulverized fuel bin, surge bin, dust collector and interconnecting ductwork.


Kidde Fire Systems’ products address fire protection and inerting applications for the pulverized coal/coke systems. In the conveyance network, where the fuel travels through the network, CO2 fire protection is used to suppression fire that can develop between the mill and the dust collector. Liquid CO2 manages these fires based on the NFPA 12 standard for fire protection.  


However, in the pulverized coal bins and the dust collector hoppers, fine particles of fuel can rest or be stored until the fuel is to be sent to the burner. These particles are easily subject to spontaneous combustion. This is most problematic when:


     -  the fuel process in not running and particles compress
     -  the process restarts and heated air, rich is oxygen, is introduced into the confined space


Our solution to this secondary problem is CO2 inerting. Vapor CO2 is injected into these compartments for prolonged periods of time or until products of coal decomposition are reduced to an acceptable level. This solution may be used for raw coal silo application as well.


We suggest seeking support for an explosion suppression system to work in tandem with the solutions described above.  



 - Coal Mill, Cyclone, Surge Bin, Dust Collector, Interconnected Ductwork

 - Dust Collector Hoppers, Pulverized Fuel Bin

 - Raw Coal/Coke Silo


See how Kidde Fire Systems' products can protect your application. The links below will take you to detailed product information on our fire protection solutions that are recommended for this industry.