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Historical and Cultural Buildings

Fire suppression solutions that minimize damage to the assets being protected

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Museums, rare-book libraries and archive rooms are just a few examples of the institutions that are on-guard to preserve artifacts for our future generations to enjoy. Throughout the ages, fire has been the biggest enemy for buildings that house irreplaceable items, and this threat, unfortunately, continues today. Priceless paintings, centuries-old documents and wooden historical structures are highly susceptible to fire, and need to be protected by a system that won't destroy them in the process.


Despite the frequency of fires that involve irreplaceable objects and structures, many institutions have minimal amounts of fire protection. And most of those institutions with fire protection rely on sprinklers, which continue to put their collections at risk because sprinklers:


     - are designed to protect the building structure, but not this kind of content

     - need significant heat to operate, requiring a full-flaming fire, destroying artifacts before a sprinkler system initiates; and

     - allow smoke and water to damage artifacts throughout the facility, even ones located far from the source of fire.



 - Art Galleries

 - Classic Car Garages

 - Cultural Centers

 - Media Galleries

 - Sealed Artifact Cabinets

 - Vaults


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