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Iron and Steel Hauling

Personnel operating in extreme temperatures rely on Kidde Fire Systems for protection

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Few environments are as unforgiving as those found in the iron and steel industry. Extreme temperatures necessary to process iron ore and other ferroalloys wreak havoc on machines and personnel; and make fire fighting an inevitable part of normal operations. Wheel loaders, slag pot carriers and other heavy industry are essential parts of the processand are in direct contact with molten slag with temperatures in excess of 2000° F (1093° C). Kidde Fire Systems understands these challenges and we can provide an integrated package of fire detection and suppression that is specifically designed protect the people and machines that operate in this environment.



 - Articulating Trucks

 - Dump Trucks

 - Loaders

 - Pot Carriers


See how Kidde Fire Systems products can protect your application. The links below will take you to detailed product information on our fire protection solutions that are recommended for this industry.