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Printing Plants

Protecting large printing presses and related processes

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Printing, coating or laminating material for packaging or publication can involve solvent based inks, flammable aqueous coating materials, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and a buildup of paper dust in their processes. These materials when combined with the heat from motors, dryers and friction can result in disastrous outcomes that threaten both expensive equipment and operators. Rapid response fire suppression, designed to the specific equipment configuration is essential.


Kidde Fire Systems' suppression systems offer this protection with solutions that include protection of processing lines, web, gravure and flexographic presses and single and multi-stage coaters. Carbon dioxide suppression systems used in these environments include special features to ensure the safety of plant personnel.



 - Cylinder washers

 - Curing ovens

 - Flexographic printing

 - Fluid coating machine applications

 - Industrial spray booths

 - Ink and solvent storage rooms

 - Newspaper printing

 - Rotogravure printing 


See how Kidde Fire Systems products can protect your application. The links below will take you to detailed product information on our fire protection solutions that are recommended for this industry.