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Protecting occupants of prison facilities from fire hazards

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Prison environments pose a unique challenge for fire protection. As most inmates are confined to locked prison cells, smoke detection must provide early warning of fire while avoiding nuisance alarms. Detector placement should permit delivery of smoke yet avoid malicious tampering by inmates.


Early warning is imperative for controlled response and evacuation. Finding a balance between early warning and tamper resiliency can be problematic with legacy protection products. Kidde Fire Systems offers a unique solution utilizing high sensitivity aspirating smoke detectors. These detectors offer several advantages in prison facilities. They provide much earlier response than their spot detector counterparts without sacrificing stable performance, and they can be concealed behind ventilation grates or in air handling spaces to prevent tampering. Testing and maintenance can be done remotely, avoiding the issue of access to prisoner occupied spaces.



 - Cells/cell blocks

 - Common areas

 - Kitchen/cafeteria


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