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ARIES NETLink Control Panel

The ARIES NETLink is a fully featured and cost competitive multi-loop, intelligent, addressable and networkable Fire Suppression Control Panel designed for commercial, industrial and high tech facilities.



The ARIES NETLink™ is the technologically most advanced multi-loop control unit available to the industry today.  Dependability and maximum protection against inadvertent release are hallmarks of Kidde panels. We build in safeguards so that no single component failure or combination of abnormal operating conditions, including main-microprocessor failure is allowed to result in accidental release activation.


At its core, the ARIES NETLink is a suppression panel; approved for use with Clean Agents, CO2, Wet and Dry Chemical Systems as well as water based systems such as Water Mist, Water Deluge, Pre-action and Foam.  It combines the high quality, system reliability, and flexibility required by modern commercial, high-tech and industrial applications in an aesthetically pleasing and physically robust package.


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