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Argonite® Fire Suppression System

The Kidde® Argonite fire suppression system uses a blend of inert gases that offers effective fire protection with zero environmental impact.

Argonite Install

Argonite is a simple blend of 50% Argon gas and 50% Nitrogen gas with a density similar to that of air.  Both Argon and Nitrogen are clean, naturally occurring gases that are readily available throughout the world.  The system has no direct global warming or ozone depletion potential. Argonite requires minimal post-fire clean up and will not decompose or produce any by-products when exposed to a flame from a fire situation.


The Kidde Argonite system is an engineered system for total flooding of an enclosed space. It extinguishes a fire by means of reducing the oxygen content within a room to the point at which fire can no longer burn, but without compromising the safety of individuals present.


Argonite is safe and effective for use on many applications.  It is well suited for leaky enclosures such as flight simulators, substations, and control rooms and for application with multiple hazards.


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