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ECS™ 360 psi Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

The Kidde Fire Systems ECS 360 psi clean agent suppression systems have proven to be an effective and reliable product that protects highly valuable assets without damaging the equipment.

The Kidde ECS™ System is the preferred choice for small to medium size asset spaces that require clean agent fire suppression.  Given the versatility of configuration, the system can easily be expanded and scaled up for larger volume spaces as well. 


Kidde Fire Systems offers the ECS system exclusively with FM-200 (HFC-227ea)


*Watch Video of Clean Agent System Extinguish a Fire in Data Center


Clean Agent Characteristics Defined by NFPA 2001

ECS Clean Agents Offered by Kidde Fire Systems

 - They are volatile, non-conductive gases.

 - FM-200 (HFC-227ea)

 - They leave behind no residue of any kind.


 - They are safe for use in occupied areas when properly designed.


 - They are environmentally acceptable to the EPA.



    Technical Specifications

      Listing & Approvals

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