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IntelliSite™ is engineered to deliver real-time data from all connected assets into a single platform. By leveraging access to software features, real-time and historic data, and event-based alerts, our business partners (distributors) and their clients are able to make informed decisions about their assets in real-time.  






Connected devices deliver entirely new ways to access digital information, gain insights, and manage devices.  

Benefits to your Team: 

Enhance your value to sites with a new approach to control unit monitoring. Save time with more efficient device testing methods.

  • Inspection features make onsite inspections customizable
  • Easily accessible configuration files (Edit-Save-View)
  • Configuration files repository 
  • Increased awareness of system status
  • Reduced travel time to remote locations
  • Firmware upgrades status
  • Customizable service and inspection reports are available online
  • Inspect agent level/weight in cylinders via Electronic Liquid Level Indicator ... forget the tape. 


Benefits to your Business: 

  • Identify malfunctioning devices in real-time 
  • Diagnose alarm systems in remote locations 
  • Save time and money by knowing the panel status before the service event occurred
  • Event Log of all tested devices
  • Digital record of all the events that get reported via the cellular gateway



Take action to become an Important Partner of Your Customer Assets/Systems.


Future Products: 

  • Kidde REL-iON Sensor Platform in 2024
  • Electronic Liquid Level Indicator (eLLI) in 2024
  • Modulaser System Solutions in 2024
  • New Panel 2024


Please Review The IntelliSite™ Simulator


The Gateway kit is available on our eCommerce website: 

The Gateway kit  P/N is 77-100000-002


ATT Global Coverage Map is available to our customers. Check a location for coverage before making a decision about IntelliSite™. Please send Address or City to Nikita Salov at to get a confirmation. Soon the ATT Map will be available in IntelliSite™ via an API Integration. 


For more information on IntelliSite™, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Nikita Salov, IntelliSite Lead, or call (508) 231- 2879.


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