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Sentinel® DCS Dry Chemical System

Proven fire suppression with Kidde Fire Systems’ Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Agent.

Kidde Fire Systems designed the Sentinel DCS Dry Chemical System to protect haulers, graders, forestry, waste management machines and trucks, and other vehicles and machines. The DCS System employs multiple means of actuation, providing flexibility for how the system is controlled and activated.


The Sentinel DCS system utilizes long-proven fire suppression technology, with the multi-purpose ABC Dry Chemical agent. With fast flame knockdown and chemical interference with the propagation of flame, ABC Dry Chemical is utilized throughout the world.


The DCS System utilizes a variety of detection technologies to sense heat or flames produced by fires. Flexible hose layouts provide ease of installation and design. There are two nozzles, the Cone Nozzle and LR Fan Nozzle, that can be mixed and matched on any system to provide the best fire suppression patterns. The Sentinel DCS cylinders and bracketing have met stringent UL 1254 shock and vibration testing, and are fully FM approved.


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