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2 and 4-Wire Conventional Smoke Detectors

The 700 Series conventional smoke detector is an interchangeable head and base detector with a light scattering optical sensor that provides an excellent response to a wide range of fires.

721UT Standard 20

The 700 Series consists of two and four wire conventional photoelectric smoke, as well as photoelectric smoke with heat detectors.


The 700 Series smoke detectors were the industry’s first conventional self-diagnostic detectors specifically designed for the demands of commercial and industrial environments. If the detector drifts out of its UL Listed sensitivity range or fails internal diagnostics, the alarm LED flashes once a second to indicate a trouble condition. This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters.


Additional diagnostic information is activated by applying a magnet near the detector’s integral reed switch. This initiates a self-diagnostic routine and provides visual indication of sensitivity level, or if service is required. The magnet test causes the LED to blink. The number of blink counts corresponds to a smoke detector sensitivity range. And, if they become dirty over time, the 700 Series detectors automatically adjust the alarm threshold through builtin drift compensation. If the detector ever does need to be cleaned, the patented field replaceable optical chamber makes cleaning a snap.


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