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ARIES®-SLX Intelligent Single-Loop Suppression Control Unit

The ARIES-SLX is an addressable, networkable fire alarm control panel. Its advanced features handle the demanding operational requirements of special hazard fire suppression systems.

The Kidde Fire Systems ARIES®-SLX manages fire response events from detection and alarm to suppression system release. Perfect for small to medium-sized applications, the ARIES-SLX unit provides pre-planned, sequential system response or immediate system actuation, depending on the requirements of the application.


The versatility of the ARIES-SLX panel provides the features and scalability that makes it suitable for almost any fire alarm suppression control application. It seamlessly expands up to a 32-node, peer-to-peer network for large system installations. The ARIES-SLX interfaces with the SmartOne® family of automatic initiating devices and monitor/control modules, as well as a range of fire suppression systems.


Approved for releasing ECS™ Clean AgentsCO2Wet & Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems, as well as water-based systems such as Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems.


Remotely monitor system status on a portfolio of fire suppression systems in real-time across multiple locations with the Kidde Fire Systems IntelliSite™ Remote Monitoring System


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